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Organizing Committee

Honorary Chairs

Kouhei Ohnishi

Kouhei Ohnishi

Xinghuo Yu

Xinghuo Yu

Leopoldo Franquelo

Leopoldo Franquelo

John Hung

John Hung

General Chairs

María Inés Valla (Argentina)
Seta Bogosyan (USA/Turkey)
Seta Bogosyan
María Inés Valla (Argentina)
María Inés Valla
Saif alZahir (USA/Canada)
Saif alZahir
JJ Rodriguez-Andina (Spain)
JJ Rodriguez-Andina

Technical Program Co-Chairs

Lucia Lo Bello (Italy)
Lucia Lo Bello
Leila Parsa (USA)
Leila Parsa
Yajun Pan (Canada)
Ya Jun Pan
Antonio Luque (Spain)
Antonio Luque

Finance Co-Chairs

Ahmed AbuHussein (USA)
Ahmed AbuHussein
Peter Palensky (Netherlands)
Peter Palensky

Tutorial Chairs

Morgan Kiani (USA)
Morgan Kiani
Mona Ghassemi (USA)
Mona Ghassemi

Special Sessions Chairs

Marina Indri (Italy)
Marina Indri
Jie Sheng (USA)
Jie Sheng
Mihoko Niitsuma (Japan)
Mihoko Niitsuma
Carmen Aracil (Spain)
Carmen Aracil
Luis Gomes (Portugal)
Luis Gomes

Publicity Co-Chairs

Maher Al-Badri (USA)
Maher Al-Badri
Olek Malinowski (USA)
Olek Malinowski

Publication Co-Chair

Andrés Nogueiras
Andres Nogueiras Melendez

Industry Forum Co-Chairs

Stamatis Karnouskos
Armando Walter Colombo
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